Greater Options for the Proper Drug Detox

It has become commonplace to talk to addicts and drug users about the effects of opioid use and try to address these issues by preventing the attraction and orientation of young people towards drugs, but less so. There is a lot of attention to the complications of drug discontinuation, and everyone thinks that an addict leaves his addiction as soon as possible, but we face a number of realities, the most important of which are:

The First Option Now

  • Long-termuse of opiate drugs, production systems the natural opioids of the body is completely obstructed and consequently the mental and the worldview of the individual are interrupted.
  • It takes about a year to discontinue the use of drugs, so that these systems are re-activated and gradually activated and the person reaches a relative balance in life.
  • Because of the body’s need for natural hormones during the one-year rebuilding process, it needs to be able to meet this need somehow out of the way, and if their deficiencies reduce the normal life of the individual, it will reassure her toward addiction. You can get the best deals from now with rehab in OC now.

Drugs, prescribed by specialist doctors, sometimes contain opioid compounds and have a similar effect on the addict’s body of narcotic drugs, which only differ in their appearance and their names, and also leave abundant side effects. The use of these drugs requires Refer to a doctor and gets a prescription and pay heavily for treatment that is not available everywhere for everyone. If the multimillion-dollar addicts in Iran wants to go to doctors only (regardless of the financial inability of the addicts), then the lack of specialized medical staff will require their last appointment for forty-fifty years, which may not last forever. So, you should seek a comprehensive and accessible solution for the general addicts that can be implemented in any city or ten corps.

Now we have to find a good answer to this question: what is the reason why the drug itself should not be used as an addiction drug?

Although some people combine this opium and sap with other compounds such as licorice, they sell as addictive drugs at a very high price as an addiction drug. An addict who has lived with a certain type of drug, why should he change his substance and add to tablets, capsules and syrups? Why do we delight in the fact that patients do not consume opium or heroin and take medicine instead? Except in the practice of breath.

The Patterns

Although changing the patterns of addicted drug use from common types of narcotics to the use of medication can create a kind of calm in families, they are no longer concerned that a drug addict is arrested when buying or using drugs or on the streets, More and maybe fined and imprisoned. Also, under the supervision of physicians, it is a factor in controlling and preventing the progression of addiction in their loved ones, but statistics show that the success rate of such patients in the treatment of addiction is very low and most often after the drug addiction, the use of such pills and compounds The drug continues and the drug will add to their addiction.